How to Build an Eco Friendly Sauna

The Finns have used saunas for thousands of years to relax, socialize, and clean their bodies of the toxins that reside in them. If you want to enjoy the same benefits, but you want to make sure that you’re not harming the environment by using the sauna, you must build an Eco-friendly sauna. If you’re interested in this project, read the following lines to find out how you can build such a sauna.

It’s all about the materials

Building a sauna is surprisingly simple, but for you to build an Eco-friendly sauna, you must first gather the right materials. To build a DIY sauna, you will have to spend between $3000 and $6000. To make sure that your sauna is truly Eco-friendly, you can purchase recycled cedar lumber from a local store. Also, make sure that you use locally harvested cedar shingles for the roofing. Local cedar is the best option not only when it comes to choosing an Eco-friendly option, but it guarantees a mold-free environment as well.

Make the sauna more Eco-friendly by using an infrared heater

Now that you have the wood for the sauna, you have to decide on the heater that you will use to produce the heat. If you want to make sure that your sauna is 100% environmentally friendly, we recommend that you use an infrared heater. As opposed to electric, gas, and wood heaters, the infrared heaters take less time to heat up. Also, they use about 90% less electricity to run, and they offer more skin cleansing benefits.

How to build the sauna

Now that you have gathered all the supplies that you need, it’s time to proceed with building your own Eco-friendly sauna. Pour a 3-inch concrete slab foundation. Use the recycled cedar to frame the walls and the roof of the sauna. Create a ventilation point above the infrared heater, a ventilation point at the top, and a ventilation point at floor level. Don’t forget to add a small drain in the floor. Build the sauna doorway. Construct the benches. Insulate the walls and the ceiling of the sauna. Dress the inside of the sauna with cedar. Last but not least, hire an electrician for the wiring, and proceed to enjoy your new Eco-friendly sauna.

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