Is Your Tap Water Polluted?

The safety of the water you drink is important for the proper development of your body and for a good health condition. If you suspect that your tap water is polluted and that it poses a risk to your health, you should immediately take action and look for the most effective ways to ensure the water you drink daily is clean. To answer the question “Is your tap water polluted?”, let’s take a closer look at what your tap water should or shouldn’t contain.

The pollutants in your tap water

First of all, water is a fluid that has no color, taste, or smell so any of these could be the sign of water pollution. For instance, water colored in yellow or brown means that it is dirty and contaminated with rust, dust, and even residues. Dirty and old pipes can change the color of your drinking water and you should stop using it as soon as you discover this. Also, you might notice that your tap water tastes and smells like chlorine because this is often used as a disinfectant to kill dangerous bacteria in the water but ends up being a contaminant itself. Many minerals and gasses in the water give it an odd smell and aspect and this is something that should make you question the level of cleanliness of your tap water. Other contaminants like cysts, germs, or heavy metals can’t be seen with the naked eye but ingesting them can cause serious health problems so if you feel sick after drinking water, chances are your tap water is polluted.

Solve the problem with a water filter and a water ionizer

If you come to the conclusion that there are certain contaminants in your tap water, it’s best to fix it by using a water filter that can remove up to 99% of the water pollutants that threaten your health. A whole house water filter can handle the water coming from every tap in your house so you can enjoy safe and clean water in every bathroom, kitchen, or well. We recommend the APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75, a 6-stage system that removes every unwanted particle in your tap water.
Another useful solution for fighting water pollution is to use a water ionizer that turns regular tap water into alkaline water by adding ions. This process adjusts the pH level of the water and makes it safer for drinking. The Bawell Platinum water ionizer is a top choice if you want to enjoy quality alkaline water.

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