Which is More Environmentally Friendly: Storebought or Homemade Bread?

Because we live in a busy world, we have the possibility to buy almost everything from stores, including the bread. Nevertheless, although homemade bread has become less and less popular, there are still people who make their own bread. Besides the fact that it’s more delicious, homemade bread is also much cheaper. However, in order to see which bread is more environmentally friendly, we will compare storebought and homemade bread to find out which option is the best.

Storebought Bread is Made for Mass Production

We all know that industrial pollution is one of the main causes of environmental contamination. Therefore, since the storebought bread is made for mass production, the bread factories certainly affect our environment. Moreover, the mass production is possible because the storebought bread is made from pre-mixed packets of dried yeasts and other ingredients. Unfortunately, these packets lose the authentic nature and some of the nutrients that usually come from a slowly fermented sourdough starter.

Storebought Bread is Shipped All Over the World

Commercial bread companies have to ship their product in order to get to the customers in different areas of the world. Therefore, the trucks used for delivering the bread are another way to pollute the environment because they use fuel, which is very harmful, both for humans and the climate.

Storebought Bread is Packaged in Individual Plastic Bags

In order to get on the shelves of our local grocery stores, the storebought bread has to be packaged in individual bags that are usually made of plastic. As we all know, the plastic contains certain chemicals that are toxic to the environment and that can be very dangerous for our health.

Homemade Bread is More Environmentally Friendly

Due to the fact that the homemade bread isn’t made for mass consumption and it doesn’t have to be delivered in different locations, we can say that it’s more eco-friendly that the storebought bread. Moreover, if you use a bread maker instead of the oven, you can be sure that the entire process of making home bread is much healthier for the environment. A bread maker is very easy to use and very efficient, allowing you to make bread in the safest conditions. Moreover, the bread maker will help you make your own bread without any chemicals such as additives, colorants, artificial flavors which are very dangerous for the health. Also, due to the fact that the bread maker is programmable, it can prepare you the bread for whenever you want. Therefore, the best eco-friendly solution when it comes to bread is to make you own healthy bread.

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