Which is the Greenest Cooking Method

Today, we burn up half of our total household energy, especially in the kitchen and in the laundry room, due to some heavy-duty appliances that we are using all the time.

Most of these appliances, especially refrigerators and ovens are using a lot of energy. In the following lines, you will find out which is the greenest cooking method of our times.

The microwave

We analyzed several countertop microwave oven reviews and we couldn’t help but notice that microwaving is one of the most energy-efficient and cheapest ways to prepare food because it uses less power that an electric oven. Moreover, it is a simple and convenient cooking method for busy people. However, despite its wonders, the microwave is not the healthiest cooking method. Before you start shopping, you should know that a microwave is a type of non-ionizing radiation harmful for our health.

Furthermore, the radiations are not the only problem, because the use of microwaves can also damage the food itself. As such, people who use the microwaves for preparing food can experience fewer blood cells, a decrease in HDL cholesterol and even a reduced red blood cell count.

The gas grill

When you go shopping, you should consider buying a kitchen appliance which works by induction. These days, most people choose to buy a gas grill, because this unit uses induction which creates heat faster. Moreover, it is one of the most Eco-friendly ways to cook. Everybody knows that any food, cooked on a gas grill will taste delicious and will be healthier. The use of a gas grill will bring you a lot of advantages. For example, every gas grill is fueled with non-renewable fossil fuels, such as natural gas or petroleum. This way it emits less smoke.

Moreover, it includes quick start times, temperature consistency, minimal cleanup and year-round usability. As such, if you are thinking about buying a gas grill, consider to invest in a quality, energy efficient unit and keep in mind to choose one with a refillable gas tank. Nowadays, most people choose to cook on a gas grill, because it is more efficient than ovens, especially in the summer, when there are high temperatures and the oven heat up the house forcing your fan to work harder and using more electricity.

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